Ceramic Ball Bearings 24 x 37 x 7mm

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Ceramic Ball Bearings 24 x 37 x 7mm 24 x 37 x 7mm

***** Best Quality Guranteed.
*****Ultra high performance 24x37x7mm Ceramic Bearing for bicycles with diamond polished Ceramic Silicon Nitride Balls (the hardest and smoothest ceramic balls on the planet)
*****Dual Removable No Contact Rubber Seals for Efficient Performance
*****ACERGoo 100% Synthetic American Lubricant
*****Durable Nylon Inner Cage
*****Super Smooth, Quiet, Extremely Durable and 60 day no hassle money back guarantee
Size:24 x 37 x 7mm The BB30 6806 size ceramic ball bearing, also known as a 61806 bearing, works wherever a 30x42x7mm ball bearing is needed. By World Champions ACER Racing Price is for 1 bearing