EVVE Classic Game Console Video Games Retro 8 bit Out Support Connecting TV Built in 256 Classic GamesAdult Children Gifts kZX-B07RML9FPT

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EVVE Classic Game Console Video Games Retro 8 bit Out Support Connecting TV Built in 256 Classic GamesAdult Children Gifts 256 GAME

***** Best Quality Guranteed.
*****MISSING THE 80'sThis game console carries the memories of the 80s, and it has many classic games of that era. For example, the most classic "sewer workers" game.When we were kids, we were playing these games, and now we can find the fun of childhood again.
*****PLUG & PLAYbuilt-in 256 retro games, no need to download or insert cards to read the game. The game is ready when the AV cable and TV are successfully connected.So Easy.
*****EXPERIENCE COMFORTOur game controllers are ergonomically designed to perform better during the game, and it's comfortable and doesn't cause hand pain due to long gameplay.
*****DOUBLE GAMESWe have some games that support two people at the same time. We have prepared two game controllers that allow you and your friends or family to join the game for more fun.
*****SMALL & PORTABLEOur product design is only the size of the palm, and its packaging looks very small, if you need to travel, it will be easy to fit into your suitcase or your bag. You can easily use it where you have a TV on your trip.
Style:256 GAME Do you feel bored in your free time? Do you want to find something wonderful and meaningful to do? If so, this video game console would be your good choice. There are 600 different built-in classic games in it. Playing it, you would gain the fun of your childhood and the fun with your family, which is very suitable for amusement and recreation in family!Basic information: Enter the AC 110-220 V Output DC 6V-150mA TV Signal system: PAL or NTSC TV Status: Video input Power adapter safety instructions: This classic game console can only be used in accordance with the national standard of the transformer. This game console can not be connected to a multi-connected power outlet. Turn off the power when cleaning the classic mini with a cleaning fluid. Use an isolation transformer. Package Include: 1 * User manual 1 * Classic Game Console 2 * Wired Controllers (Joystick) 1 * AV Cable for TV 1 * US Power plug Note: 8-bit retro game console, preloaded with 256 classic retro games, does not need the game cards. Not the NES classic mini, but also a great retro game console. The classic game console does not have memory design, so you cannot save game records. If you need to turn back you need to press the reset key. If it is do not work at the first time please make sure the cable is connected right; Whether the AV cable is connected completely or not; Or to change another TV to try it again. Any question please contacted us, we will reply you at our first sight!