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Personalize your SMALL BUT STRONG Pillowcase Get Well Gifts for kids Perfect for My First Pillowcase Sleepovers Christian gifts for kids

***** Best Quality Guranteed.
*****Polyester Cotton
*****Write your personal message to your child, on the Flipside of the Pillow!
Product Description At Flipside Pillow we make kids smile! Based in Denver, CO, we design fabrics with fun artwork and inspiring messages. We use colorful, minky fabric to make pillowcases for kids. In addition to the messages in the fabric which are fun and encouraging, we also attach a non toxic permanent fabric marker so you can write your own message to a loved one. Write a love note, get well wishes, your favorite scripture or even the outline of your hand. Give a Flipside Pillowcase to a child, parent, grandparent or a friend. When they lie down on their pillow, they will feel your love. Even on the hardest or lonliest day, you will remind them, there is always a Flipside! From the Manufacturer A safe and encouraging place to lie their heads. The idea behind a pillowcase with whimsical art and uplifting messages is that when you lie down to sleep you will be resting your head on love and encouragement. Our words matter more than we realize. The next time you get to choose a gift, wouldn't rather choose a gift with words of encouragement? When you choose a Flipside Pillowcase and add your personal message, your children and grandchildren will keep it for many years to come as a reminder of your love. The softest place to lie their heads Ultra Plush Minky Minky is a fabric often used for baby blankets because of the soft and luxurious feel. We design our fabrics and have them manufactured to ensure the snuggliest pillowcases! Injured teammate? Child in the hospital? Friend going through a heartbreak? Give them the softest pillowcase you've ever felt! Your kids will cuddle up and sleep like babies. Non toxic Permanent Marker Attached Use the attached marker to write a sweet message on the pillowcase. Share Get Well wishes, scriptures, team spirit, love and encouragement! Personalize the Flipside! Express yourself! The" flipside" of our pillowcase is 100% cotton, the perfect canvas for doodles, get well messages, your favorite scripture, autographs and drawings. Perfect Gift Our pillowcases are lightweight and fold easily into a mailing envelope. Make your life easier! Choose a gift that is personal, original and easy to ship! Did we mention, it is soft? And super cute? Bring the Joy! It is our mission to bring the joy! We are striving to bring a quality product to the market that shares love and encouragement and to make it available to all children. We do our best to provide pillowcases to kids struggling with disease through a number of children's charities. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Happy, Inspirational Pillowcases How did you come up with the idea for this product? When I was a six years old, I was having my tonsils out and was scared to death! My mother and my sisters decorated a pillowcase for me! They simply took a pillowcases and a marker and wrote "We love You!" and all signed their names. It was a simple act of love by a mother, trying to comfort her child, and it worked! I had that pillowcase for years and every time I lied my head on that pillow I felt their love. What makes your product special? When I set out to make happy, inspirational pillowcases for kids, I couldn't find a fabric with whimsical artwork that was soft enough! So, I began designing fabric and investigating the long process of having it manufactured. We use 2 fabrics on Flipside Pillowcases. The fabric we design is made of Ultra Plush Minky. This is a fabric that is popular for baby blankets and is the only one we felt was snuggly enough for a Flipside pillowcase. On the "flipside" is a 100% cotton fabric in a solid accent color. We attach a non toxic permanent marker and, voila, you can write Get Well messages, love notes, signatures, favorite scriptures or anything you like! Personalize the pillowcase to make a timeless memento. What has been the best part of your startup experience? There are so many rewarding aspects to this project. First, I meet lots of kids! At Flipside Pillow, we donate pillowcases to a number of Children's Charities and more than anything, I love delivering pillowcases! This is also a family affair! My husband is a web developer, my daughter is a design student and my son and his buddies are always there with a pick up truck for whatever adventure we are on! Everyone uses their talents for the greater good! Finally, what an education! I am SO much smarter than I was when I started!