Roller Derby RD Retro Skateboard OWE-B00XA2ZZ0K

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Roller Derby RD Retro Skateboard Red

***** Best Quality Guranteed.
*****28"X 7. 5" 7 ply laminated Maple deck with a single kick tail and spray grip deck
*****Aluminum raw finish trucks and polyurethane cushions
*****59 mm x 45 mm cast polyurethane wheels
*****Bevo gold-7 race rated chrome bearings
Take a step back in time with this Roller Derby retro skateboard. A reproduction of the Deluxe #20 from the '60s, it's decorated with the same graphics as the original (one of the first mass-produced skateboards). This version features a 9-ply laminated maple deck with spray grip, aluminum die-cast trucks, chrome bearings, and cast polyurethane wheels for updated performance.